Cindy & Don | Retro Suites Wedding

Love has a way of leaving its mark on our souls, and the story of Cindy and Don is a testament to that truth. Their journey began in high school, where their hearts first intertwined. Fate took them in different directions, and their paths diverged for over 35 years. Yet, destiny had something extraordinary in store for them. The universe conspired to reunite these kindred spirits, proving that love knows no bounds and can rekindle even after decades of separation.

The Retro Suites Hotel, with its charming blend of vintage elegance and modern comforts, provided the perfect backdrop for Cindy and Don’s ceremony and celebration. The hotel’s carefully preserved architecture transported guests back in time while offering the luxuries of the present. As a photographer, capturing the essence of this unique venue is always a delight. The ornate details, rich textures, and timeless ambiance perfectly complemented the couple’s love story.

The couple’s decision to keep the ceremony guest list small created an atmosphere of profound intimacy, allowing everyone present to feel like an integral part of their remarkable journey. After the heartfelt ceremony, the celebration expanded to include extended family and close friends for a formal dinner and dancing. The ballroom came alive with music and laughter as Cindy and Don shared their first dance as a married couple.

Cindy and Don’s wedding at the Retro Suites Hotel was a celebration of love’s enduring power and the remarkable journey that led two souls back into each other’s arms after more than three decades apart. Their story serves as a reminder that love is a force that can defy time, and when destiny weaves its threads, it creates a tapestry of beauty that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Venue: Retro Suites Hotel | Chatham, Ontario
Florals: The Myrtle Flower Market
Officiant: Pam Vermilyea
Make-up: Ryan Patrick Makeup
Entertainment: Tammi Schwarz and Truber

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