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Photographs are important.
They are one of the few things in this world that become more valuable with time.

Growing up, my mom treasured her many photo albums. She always said, if ever there was a fire, her albums would be the first items she’d grab on her way out the door (I’m sure she meant after her wonderful children, of course! lol).

One of my favourite activities as a child (and still today) is flipping through the pages of a photo album. Whether it’s photos of friends, family, my childhood, old images of people long lost, its a wonderful feeling to peer into the past and learn or remember.

Recently, during a visit with my Grandmother, I asked to see some of her old albums. It was incredible to see photos of my grandmother as a teenager, my mom as a child growing up in Sarnia, family trips to Nova Scotia! I just loved every second of it! Those beautiful vintage photographs represent moments that can never be replicated or replaced. A blimp in time gone for ever, with only a photograph as proof it ever happened. Which is why it was heartbreaking to come across some photographs that have become cracked, faded and damaged over the years. It was then that I decided to bring one home, a favourite of my mother’s, and see if it couldn’t be restored.


The beauty of digital photography allowed me to scan and restore these priceless memories for my family, and I’d like to offer the same to you. If you have old photos in need of repair, I’d be thrilled to help! Whether it’s your grandparent’s wedding photo, your mom’s baby photos, or a 100 year old family portrait; let’s make sure your most adored moments are preserved forever!

Serving Chatham, Ontario and beyond. If you can scan it, we can fix it! :)

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