Pre-Wedding Tips

Before the Big Day: 

  • Photography Timeline: You can expect me to reach out about one month before the big day so that we can finalize all details and I can put together a photography timeline. I encourage you to share this timeline with other vendors and your wedding party to ensure everyone prepared, knows what to expect, and can help keep things on track.
  • Family Photo List: I recommend jotting down a quick list of the family groupings you’d like photographed during family photo time. Share this list with me and make sure the people included in the list know that they must stay close and be ready for family photos directly following the ceremony. That way, we can ensure everyone is accounted for and all the groupings you’d like captured are covered.
  • Ask your florist if they can send over any clippings they’d normally toss in the trash when preparing your flowers. A leaf, a small sprig of greenery or a petal from a flower looks great in a detail shot! 
  • Don’t forget to include your vendors when creating your reception seating chart. It’s a long day for us – a hot meal and a spot to sit (even if we don’t use it much) is so greatly appreciated.

The Morning of Your Wedding Day:

  • Please set aside/ point out any details you’d like documented (ie: cufflinks, ties, shoes, rings, invitations, jewelry, flowers). Everything in one central location is usually easiest. 
  • If you have gifts for each other, your wedding party, your parents etc. let me know! This makes for good photos!
  • The largest room with the most natural light should be kept neat and tidy as that’s where we’ll photograph you getting ready. If you’re getting ready in a hotel room, I’d recommend tucking everyone’s bags into the bathroom, taking out only what you need/want in the background of your photos. 
  • I strive for real, authentic photos. Unless instructed otherwise, simply pretend I’m not there and carry about your conversations and actions as per usual. I’ll let you know when I need something from you.
  • Getting Married in a Suit: Please ensure you (and the rest of your party) have your dress pants and shirts on before I get there. Save the rest of your outfit for after I arrive. I’ll want candid shots of you getting ready and detail shots of your accessories (fun socks, ties, cufflinks, watch, jewelry etc.) If you don’t know how to put a boutonniere on, don’t worry – I’m happy to help. I’ll even make sure it looks as though you did it all on your own for the photos. ;)
  • Getting Married in a Dress: Please do not put your dress or jewelry on before my arrival. Same as above, I’d like to capture all the details that make up your outfits beforehand, if possible.
  • Check yourself and your long-haired friends for hair elastics around your wrists.
  • Pack snacks and water in a cooler to place in the vehicles you’ll be using to drive to photos – you’ll need it!
  • Finally, don’t be afraid to relax, laugh a lot and have so much fun!
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