Wedding | Kathryn + Malcolm

This laid-back bride and groom split their wedding day in half and found the result to be fabulously relaxing.
With an intimate 9-person farm ceremony in the afternoon, a tented come-one, come-all celebration in the evening and plenty of time to enjoy each others company in between, how could you go wrong!?
There were no speeches, no first dances and no rules. Just great food, good company, an amazing band and a whole lotta fun!
Here are a few of my favourite images from Kathryn and Malcolm’s Forest, Ontario Orchard Wedding.


2017-01-07_0001We arrived just as Kathryn was beginning to construct her wildflower bridal bouquet.
2017-01-07_00022017-01-07_00032017-01-07_0004The brooch featured on Kathryn’s hand-tied wildflower bouquet was passed down to her from her grandmother.

Kathryn’s earrings were formerly buttons taken from her Grandfather’s naval uniform,
and the locket belonged to her grandmother.

2017-01-07_00072017-01-07_00082017-01-07_00092017-01-07_00102017-01-07_00112017-01-07_00122017-01-07_00132017-01-07_00142017-01-07_00152017-01-07_00162017-01-07_00172017-01-07_00182017-01-07_00192017-01-07_00202017-01-07_00212017-01-07_00222017-01-07_00232017-01-07_00242017-01-07_00252017-01-07_00262017-01-07_00272017-01-07_00282017-01-07_00292017-01-07_00312017-01-07_00322017-01-07_00332017-01-07_00342017-01-07_00352017-01-07_00392017-01-07_00402017-01-07_00412017-01-07_00422017-01-07_00442017-01-07_00452017-01-07_00362017-01-07_00372017-01-07_00462017-01-07_00472017-01-07_00492017-01-07_00482017-01-07_0038Hair + Makeup: Strands | Forest, Ontario
Officiant: Judy Dougall

Special thanks to second photographer, Angela Speller.

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